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Facials & Pore Extractions

Performed at our Duluth, GA medical office, north of Atlanta.



In addition to highly advanced laser treatments for a number of common skin conditions and cosmetic concerns, Laser Lights Cosmetic Laser Center in Duluth also has a staff of licensed estheticians who perform a highly successful facial known as Fire & Ice by iS Clinical®.

The Fire and Ice Facial gets its name by involving two distinct masques: the Intensive Resurfacing Masque and the Rejuvenating Masque. The first acts as an exfoliant, helping your body free itself of damaged surface skin, while the Rejuvenating Masque acts as a soother to soften and brighten your skin. The result is a quick and easy reduction in fine lines, wrinkles, and overall complexion. For patients who struggle with acne, pore extractions can be performed during this process as well to manually clear clogged pores.

While the face is the most popular area (because this is where the quality of your skin tends to be the most visible), the Fire and Ice Facial can offer the same exceptional benefits for other areas as well, like the neck and the chest.

To find out whether a Fire and Ice Facial, with or without pore extractions, can help you enhance and rejuvenate your skin, contact Laser Lights Cosmetic Laser Center at (770) 495-9322 today to schedule a free consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions about Facials and Pore Extractions

  • Facials are customized to each individual patient, but the Fire and Ice Facial we perform at Laser Lights generally takes between just 30 and 60 minutes to complete (depending on the depth of your treatment, whether you choose to include pore extractions, etc.), making it a convenient procedure for patients with busy schedules.

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