I’m very happy with my SculpSure® results!

Last year I had a tummy tuck with Dr. Whiteman and since the beginning I have always been adamant about maintaining my results. During a post-op consultation, we discussed SculpSure® and found this to be a good recommendation on top of my regular diet and exercise. At first I was a bit nervous before my first meeting with my Laser Lights technician, but that didn’t last long! She immediately explained what was going to happen during my procedure and shared that it wasn’t painful and that the pressure would be constantly monitored and adjusted to fit my tolerance.

As the technician was preparing the SculpSure® machine, I settled on the table while she attached several monitors to my stomach. Just like she said in the beginning, the procedure wasn’t uncomfortable at all. As the process began, there was a warming period that was then followed by a cooling period (I am generally cold natured so this was very cold to me, but not bad in the least). If I had to describe the feeling, it felt more like being constantly tickled with an ever so slightly increase during treatment.

The treatment room itself was not like a hospital room but was extremely inviting and peaceful. Perhaps that’s why believe it or not, I kind of dozed off a little! Before I knew it, the technician was back in the room to check on me and go over how I felt the treatment went. I was not in any pain at any time during my treatment and I told her I could have laid there longer! Overall I felt the procedure was quick and easy – the technician was awesome from the very beginning when she walked me through the procedure, laid out what to expect and was true to her word. It has been four months since my initial treatment and I can definitely see the hour glass shape in my waist becoming more and more defined. I’m very happy with my SculpSure® results and would definitely recommend SculpSure® (and/or one of Dr. Whiteman’s award winning tummy tucks!) if you’re thinking about body sculpting.

– Q.B. December 2016

* Treatment results may vary from person to person.