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Wart Removal

Performed at our Duluth, GA medical office, north of Atlanta.


Warts vary in type and size, but can usually be removed in one to four treatments with a cosmetic laser. They can be found on any part of the body and Laser Lights Cosmetic Laser Center can remove them with our advanced cosmetic laser technology. It’s important to keep in mind that genital warts are not treated with our lasers. Therefore, we suggest that patients experiencing these types of warts seek guidance from a dermatologist.

Frequently Asked Questions about Laser Wart Removal

  • Eventually, most warts do fade on their own. However, this can take months or even years, during which time the wart can be embarrassing and uncomfortable. Warts are also somewhat contagious because they’re caused by a virus, so the more time a wart spends on your skin, the more likely it is to cause new warts on other areas of your skin or on other people you contact as well.

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