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Scar Reduction and Removal

Performed at our Duluth, GA medical office, north of Atlanta.


Laser Lights Cosmetic Laser Center in Duluth, GA (north of Atlanta) has medical laser equipment to remove or improve scarring caused by acne, chicken pox, surgeries and accidents. There are a few methods used to remove scars, each with their own specialty.

Microdermabrasion such as the SilkPeel® rejuvenation treatment is useful for scars that are raised above the skin’s surface. This procedure is less effective however, for sunken scars or scars that dip inwards on the face or body.

Another popular option for scar reduction is laser therapy, also known as laser skin resurfacing. The treatment softens scars by causing the skin to heal in microscopic sections targeted by the laser. While several treatments may be needed, the results often exceed expectations.

Chemical peels are also an effective way to treat scars from acne and other causes. These procedures soften and peel the top layer of skin away and leaves you with a smoother face, minimizing the visual appearance of the scar.

One of the latest acne scar treatments is Réjuvapen®. This treatment uses a technique called micro-needling, in which tiny needles are used to stimulate regrowth of collagen in the treated area, causing the previous scars to become smoother and less visible while leaving the treated skin looking younger and more radiant.

Frequently Asked Questions about Scar Reduction

  • When your body is trying to heal an injury to the skin (whether it’s a cut, inflamed pimple, or other sore), it uses a particular protein called collagen. The collagen fibers that repair the injury can have a different tone and texture than the rest of your skin, causing a scar. If your scar is a raised bump, it generally means that your body produced too much collagen during the healing process, and if the scar is “pitted” or lower than the rest of your skin, it typically means that some of the underlying tissue was lost during the injury. The type of scar you have affects what type of treatment will be most effective.

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