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Fractionated CO2 Laser Resurfacing

Performed at our Duluth, GA medical office, north of Atlanta.

Lasers have come a long way since the introduction of the original CO2 laser in the mid 1960’s.  While the original CO2 laser introduced the world to the possibility of laser skin resurfacing, it also brought an unsightly “line of demarcation” between the treated and untreated skin on its’ first patients.  Instead of treating the entire face like the first CO2 lasers, fractionated lasers have the advantageous ability to target very specific areas. Laser Lights Cosmetic Laser Center offers Fractional (Fraxel) CO2 Laser to erase wrinkles and reduce skin blemishes with face-lift like results.

fractionated co2 laser resurfacing atlanta gaFractionated CO2 Laser Resurfacing

Fractionated CO2 laser treatments are used to reduce the appearance of deep facial wrinkles,melasma (spots of skin darkening), and acne scarring. In addition to areas of the face, Fraxel lasers can be used to treat the neck, chest, and hands of men and women.

The CO2 fractionated laser penetrates deeper into the layers of the skin to erase more pronounced creasing or pigmentation. Fractionated (Fraxel) CO2 laser technology utilizes a series of tiny laser columns to penetrate the dermis creating tiny wounds that the body heals by increasing production of collagen and elastin and generating “new skin.”

Instead of treating a large area, fractionated lasers target very specific areas allowing us to tailor the treatment depending on the extent of facial wrinkles or skin damage in the area. The tiny amount of skin exposed to the laser at a time makes the laser useful for a variety of skin conditions.

Your natural skin tone, problem area(s), and even your age are factors that can affect the success of your laser treatments; therefore, a consultation is required to formulate a suitable laser treatment plan.

CO2 Fractionated Laser Treatment FAQ’s:

What is a CO2 Fractionated Laser, and how does it work?
CO2 Fractionated Laser is a carbon dioxide laser used to resurface skin and remove skin imperfections like wrinkles, age spots, damaged areas, and more. CO2 Fractionated laser skin resurfacing works by emitting scattered beams of laser light into the deeper layers of the tissue, stimulating collagen production while encouraging the sloughing of damaged skin. Unlike older technology, our CO2 Fractionated Laser does not remove entire layers of skin, but instead only removes the smallest fraction of the top layer of skin, leaving surrounding tissue intact and allowing skin to recover much faster. The result is healthier-looking skin with a youthful glow.

Is laser skin resurfacing with Fractionated CO2 Lasers safe?
The certified and licensed medical staff at Laser Lights is highly trained in the safe and effective use of CO2 Fractionated laser skin resurfacing technology. As with any medical or cosmetic procedure, there are inherent risks. Your predisposition toward any side effects will be discussed before your treatment.

Who is a candidate for laser skin resurfacing with the CO2 Fractionated Laser?
Candidates for laser skin resurfacing with the CO2 Fractionated Laser are patients who suffer from skin imperfections like fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, age spots, acne scarring and more. Our medical staff can help you determine if you’re a good candidate for this procedure.

What does laser treatment with the CO2 laser feel like?
Patients undergoing laser skin resurfacing with CO2 Fractionated lasers experience varying sensations of heat. In order to provide our patients with a comfortable experience topical anesthesia can be applied and cooling mechanisms are built into the applicator. After treatment, many patients feel effects similar to sunburn, which usually subside within a few hours.

What kind of results can I expect from CO2 Fractionated Laser skin resurfacing?
Laser skin resurfacing will result in younger-looking, more even toned and textured skin. Signs of aging like sun spots and wrinkles will be smoothed and damage from the past like acne scarring and hyperpigmentation can be improved. Overall, your skin will look refreshed and renewed.

How long do results from Fractionated CO2 Laser skin resurfacing last?
This varies from person to person. However, taking steps to protect and maintain your rejuvenated skin can help prolong results including using sunscreen and skincare products, and maintaining a healthy skincare routine. Proper aftercare can extend the life of laser skin resurfacing results to several years in some cases.

Watch a portion of a fractionated CO2 laser treatment performed by our licensed and experienced aesthetician:

Please contact our office in Duluth, just north of Atlanta, Georgia at (770) 495-9322 for more information about facial rejuvenation with laser skin resurfacing.  You can also email us at info@atlaserlights.com.

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