Chemical Peels Can Help Skin Glow All Winter Long

As the warm weather turns cool, our skin conditions change. You may begin to notice that your “healthy” summer glow is fading to reveal patches of irregular pigmentation. Aside from that, your skin is probably turning dry in the colder weather, but don’t let the weather get you down. Laser Lights Cosmetic Laser Center offers plenty of solutions for treating various skin conditions all year long.  If you keep up with our blog, you already know that procedures like laser hair removal, laser tattoo removal, and even laser skin resurfacing are great for these colder months, but we’d like to highlight some of our non-laser treatments that will keep your skin looking great this winter.

Chemical peels are perfect for reducing mild imperfections (like sun damage and melasma), minimizing wrinkles, and restoring collagen production. Our licensed estheticians will perform a pre-skin treatment consultation prior to your peel to help determine which of our chemical peels will produce the results you’re after and complement your skin type. Once we’ve determined the type of chemical peel to perform, one of our experienced, licensed estheticians will apply a chemical solution to the outer layer of skin, which will cause the damaged outer layer of skin to be slowly eliminated over the following days (up to a week of peeling). Downtime is minimal, but we do suggest you use SPF 30 sunscreen prior to being in the sun after having a chemical peel to avoid sun damage and hyperpigmentation to newly rejuvenated skin.

We offer a variety of chemical peels that treat various skin types. People who suffer from acne, mild hyperpigmentation, rough skin and a busy lifestyle might choose our Fruit Acid Peel since it requires no downtime, while those looking to correct fine lines, melasma, or acne scarring may choose the Glycolic or Jessner’s Peel. Other types of chemical peels you’ll find on our menu are our Mandelic Peel, Salicylic Peel, and TCA Peel (Trichloroacetic Acid Peel), but we’d like to specially introduce the newest chemical peel we offer: Vi Peel.

Not only does the Vi Peel minimize sun damage, clear most acne, reduce acne scars and pigmentation problems, and smooth fine lines and wrinkles, but it actually stimulates collagen and elastin production to promote tighter, more youthful skin. With minimal downtime, you can expect the outer layer of skin to peel for up to a week to reveal refreshed, younger-looking skin. If you purchase a Vi Peel from Laser Lights before November 30th, 2011, you will receive one Vi Peel for free, so schedule your treatment today.

Laser Lights offers plenty of other treatments to care for your skin and keep you looking your best like our new Viora Reaction™ skin tightening (face & body), microdermabrasion, hand rejuvenation, and more. Be sure to take a look at our website to learn more about the services we offer. Also connect with us on Facebook and Twitter for updates on skincare news and specials.