Some Fun Facts About Legs

We’ve talked about our services a lot over the past few months, as well as special deals being offered. Let’s take a break from all that for a week and look into some interesting facts about our legs! Some of these will surely surprise you.

  • The average person walks about 43.5 miles in a lifetime.
  • The elephant is the only land mammal without the ability to jump because its legs simply could not survive the impact from its own bodyweight.
  • Michael Flatley, of Riverdance fame, insured his legs in 1999 for a reported $40 million.
  • Before becoming the Queen of France, Catherine de Medici had her cobbler make her the very first pair of high heels in 1533.
  • The Capri Palace Hotel & Spa in Italy offers a course called Leg School that includes medicated masks and scrubs… for about $5,000 a week.
  • Longest legs in the world? Svetlana Pankratova of Russia is believed to hold this title, with 52” legs.

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