Laser Scar and Sun Spot Removal: Lessening the Signs of Injury and Aging

Scars are evidence of trauma inflicted upon the body.  Whether that trauma is intentional (i.e.- the result of a surgical incision) or the result of an accident, scars appear as a substitute covering that the body generates to replace the tissue that was affected initially.  While scars and markings give us playground credibility when we’re children, they’re not as welcome by adults in the professional world.
Laser Lights Cosmetic Laser Center offers a variety of cosmetic treatments effective in superficial scar reduction.  Just as the causes of scars are numerous, so are their cosmetic remedies.  For small, surface scars caused by small abrasions or lacerations, a surface treatment like microdermabrasion will often do the trick.  Microdermabrasion works to mechanically slough the outer-most layers of skin to reveal smoother, tighter, and unscarred layers beneath.
For larger areas of multiple scars (think acne scaring) and for areas of hyperpigmentation like age and sun spots, chemical peels can be used similarly to microdermabrasion treatments to remove outer, damaged layers of skin.  Laser resurfacing can also be utilized in minimizing the visibility of the affected area.  Fractionated and Fraxel type lasers are often used to help minimize scar tissue and hyper pigmenting for their unique ability to effectively target very specific areas without damaging the surrounding skin.  Fractionated lasers also carry the added benefit of stimulating new cell growth so the appearance of the treated skin will continue to improve after the initial treatment.

Because the last thing you want to face when having scars removed or brown spots eliminated is the possibility of obtaining any more markings, it’s pivotal that you only entrust qualified laser technicians and estheticians to administer your laser and/or cosmetic treatment(s).  Also important to note is the fact that some scar tissue, like that developed after an extensive injury or surgery, may be too thick or raised to treat through topical procedures and may require surgical excision.  After scar tissue is removed, a surgeon may suggest following with one of the aforementioned treatments to reduce the new, smaller scar’s appearance.
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