Do You Define Your Tattoos, or Do Your Tattoos Define You?

Tattoos are often exciting and always seem like a good idea when you get them, but what happens years down the road?  People change.  Something that was near and dear to a person one day may not matter to them in the future:  leaving them with old, fading, and meaningless tattoos.  As sad as it is, society tends to judge people based on appearance, including tattoo artwork.  A recent article in the New York Daily News discusses Kelly Osbourne’s efforts to permanently remove 15 of her tattoos with laser tattoo removal.

Kelly Osbourne has undergone a major body transformation in the past year by losing close to 50 pounds.  Kelly’s tattoo removal is all part of her transformation.  While she plans to keep some of her sentimental tattoos, Kelly realized she did not even miss her other tattoos when she had to cover them while filming her movie, Should’ve Been Romeo.  She said she was unsure why she had some of her tattoos done in the first place: a feeling to which many people with tattoos can relate.  Young people get tattoos without realizing that they will forever be defined by that mark, whether or not that is who they are or will be.  Luckily, thanks to laser tattoo removal, results are not as permanent these days.

Laser tattoo removal is said to be painful, but tattooing is painful, so a person who can withstand the pain of getting their tattoo should have no worries, though it is a different feeling.   Similar to many other laser procedures, laser tattoo removal requires multiple treatments to completely remove the mark.  Treatment sessions are usually spaced 4-6 weeks apart.  Complete removal cannot be guaranteed as the tattoo’s size, location, patient’s ability to heal, color of ink used, how the tattoo was applied, and the age of the tattoo all affect its responsiveness to lasers.  Newer tattoos are harder to remove as the ink is more concentrated.  Black pigment works best with the lasers because lasers target darker pigments; however, Laser Lights Cosmetic Laser Center has multiple lasers suitable for various colors (even green).

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