Tattoos at the workplace: Could your ink prevent you from getting a job?

Over the years, tattoos have become more and more commonplace – no longer restricted to wild child bikers and professional athletes.  In fact, the American Academy of Dermatology reported that in 2006 close to a quarter of all Americans 18 to 50 years in age had at least one tattoo.

But if you look at the employee handbook of many companies, don’t be surprised to find a clause about concealing your tattoos and piercings.  In order to maintain company image, many places of business refuse to let clients interact with employees that have visible tattoos.   While many people have tattoos that they can easily conceal, others with “sleeve” tattoos or those who work in warmer climates and wear more exposed clothing can have trouble covering up their body art.

According to an article on, 8 percent of people report trouble at work because of their tattoos.  Employees are not only forced to cover up visible tattoos, but may be assigned duties that require them less client face time because of their appearance.  It ultimately comes down to company culture – a graphic design company would probably be more willingly to allow exposed tattoos than an investment banking firm. Thus it is important to look not only at a company’s credentials, but at their office environment and culture as well, to determine if you would be a good “fit” there.

If you have a tattoo that gets in the way of work or one that you are no longer happy with it, laser tattoo removal is the only safe option.   At Laser Lights, we have lasers to remove tattoos of all colors and are safe on all skin types.  Call us today to schedule a consultation.