Partial Laser Tattoo Removal

When people consider laser tattoo removal, they generally think about removing old, unattractive tattoos that they no longer want to appear on their body.  However, while complete tattoo removal is an option, some people may only want their tattoos lightened or part of their tattoo removed.  Laser Lights Cosmetic Laser Center sees patients seeking complete laser tattoo removal, tattoo lightening, and partial tattoo removal.

As stated in previous Laser Lights blogs, there are many reasons for complete tattoo removal; however, there are equally numerous reasons for partial tattoo removal.  Many laser tattoo removal patients seek partial tattoo removal because they wish to have a new tattoo added to an existing piece.  While it’s possible to cover a tattoo with another tattoo without lightening, the new tattoo might turn out much darker than most people desire.  Some patients may have their tattoo lightened simply because it turned out darker than they expected.  Because laser tattoo lightening is accomplished more easily than complete laser tattoo removal, desired results can be achieved in just a few treatment sessions (depending on the patient’s desired level of lightening).

People constantly change their minds, even about tattoos. In some cases, only partial tattoo removal is necessary when this occurs.  Partial laser tattoo removal is especially useful for those who once thought it would be a nice gesture to tattoo their significant other’s name on their body and are now forced to listen to a new significant other complain about the name.  Maybe it’s not a name you’re trying to remove, and maybe you just wish to change a particular part of your tattoo.  Whatever the reason for partial laser tattoo removal, it is important to find a trained laser technician because this treatment is slightly more difficult than general laser tattoo removal.  Finding a properly trained laser technician is also important with other laser procedures, such as laser hair removal, but when only part of the tattoo is removed, the technician must be careful not to accidentally treat the part of the tattoo you wish to keep.  A shield is commonly used to protect the remaining tattoo.

Side effects and risks of laser tattoo lightening and partial laser tattoo removal are very similar to those of laser tattoo removal.  Side effects are usually less severe with lightening because fewer treatment sessions are necessary.  While it’s very rare, blistering, infection, hyperpigmentation, hypopigmentation, or scabbing may occur.  Thanks to over 20 years of experience with lasers, you can rest assured that these side effects are extremely rare at Laser Lights.

If you have a tattoo that you want removed (partially or completely) or lightened, please schedule a consultation. We also offer other laser and cosmetic services, so be sure to check out our website and read our blog.