Understanding and Treating Spider Veins

Spider veins are a very common cosmetic concern that typically show up in individuals above the age of 40. They are a pesky and an aesthetically bothersome condition that can make people feel uncomfortable with their own skin. Laser Lights Cosmetic Laser Center offers a safe and effective treatment to help patients feel confident and happy with their look.

8 Ways to Make the Most of Your Spider Vein Removal TreatmentsWhat Are Spider Veins?

Spider veins are groups of visible blood vessels beneath the surface of the skin. The appearance resembles a spider web-like shape with a series of thin lines that branch from a dark center. People usually develop them on their face and legs as they get older. In more rare cases, spider veins can cause pain and discomfort that proves to be a profound nuisance for individuals.

What Causes Spider Veins?

There is not an exact reason for spider veins, but factors such as genetics, pregnancy, aging, hormone production, high impact exercises and sun damage are thought to be potential contributing factors. Women are also at a higher risk than men for developing this condition.

Are Spider Veins Dangerous?

For the majority of people, spider veins are purely a cosmetic issue. The discoloration of the veins can make skin appear more aged, so laser vein removal is a common cosmetic procedure. We’ve been performing laser vein removal techniques at Laser Lights Cosmetic Laser Center for years and they are safe for all patients.

Are There Effective Treatment Options for Spider Veins?

We use FDA approved laser technology that treats spider veins on both the face and legs. Patients don’t have to receive injections or incisions to achieve their desired cosmetic look. This procedure is completed quickly in our office and the recovery time is rapid. Results can be seen shortly after the procedure and the majority of cases only require one to three treatments to remove the appearance of spider veins.

Laser Lights Cosmetic Laser Center wants to give our patients the utmost confident in their appearance. If you have visible spider veins, we have safe and successful treatments that typically only require a few simple visits. To learn more about your treatment options, contact us at (770) 495-9322 to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our expert providers. For more information about cosmetic products and procedures, follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.