The Truth About Laser Hair Removal

Routinely shaving the face and body is a chore that many people can’t imagine living without. When you learn about laser hair removal, your first reaction might be to think that it’s too good to be true. At Laser Lights Cosmetic Laser Center, our goal is to surpass your expectations and give you the smooth, consistent skin that you want—without needing to pick up a razor every few days. There’s a lot of conflicting information online about laser hair removal, so we’re explaining the truth about this cosmetic procedure.

The Truth About Laser Hair RemovalSafety with Laser Hair Removal

It’s understandable to wonder about safety when you hear the word “laser.” Our experienced laser technicians are skilled in administering laser hair removal treatment to all different types of cases. With any patient, safety is our paramount concern. That’s why each patient is treated according to their specific characteristics such as hair color, skin color and hair texture. We use advanced, FDA approved lasers for this procedure to ensure that our patients are receiving the highest quality treatment possible.

What to Expect from Treatment Sessions

Each patient’s hair has a different quantity, color and texture. This makes it difficult to sum up the experience into a neat, one-size-fits-all summary. However, because of the high caliber of our hair removal lasers and qualified technicians, our patients happily report little pain and the treatment session is typically completed in less than one hour.

Our laser technicians recommend a minimum of 6 treatments per area to either semi-permanently or permanently remove hair from targeted sites on the face or body. Fortunately, there’s no downtime after the session, so we can complete the series of treatments in a relatively short amount of time.

Maximizing the Results of Laser Hair Removal

Our laser hair removal process is rooted in proven methods that create long-lasting results. Since each hair grows in phases (growth, resting, and shedding), there are time-sensitive windows for when this procedure will be successful. Hair must be in the growth phase during your treatment for the best results, so we schedule each session 4-6 weeks apart in order to match up to that growth phase for as many of your hairs as possible in each treatment.

In addition to protecting your treatment area from the sun for up to six weeks before you start your treatments, it’s important to avoid sun exposure for 4-6 weeks after each treatment to minimize your risk for sun damage.

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