Looking to get a “Reaction?” Try Laser Lights Newest Technology for Skin Tightening and Cellulite Reduction

Have you heard about the newest addition to Laser Lights’ services menu? Laser Lights offers a variety of laser and non-laser services to fight your specific aging concerns.  Reaction™ technology is especially beneficial because it can address the signs of facial aging and cellulite reduction.

Viora Reaction™ uses CORE™ technology (Channeling Optimized Radio-frequency Energy). Instead of a single RF wavelength, Reaction™ uses three RF modes simultaneously with vacuum therapy that stimulates collagen to tighten skin and helps break down adipocytes (fat cells). Aside from tightening skin, improving skin texture, reducing cellulite, and reducing the circumference of the treatment area, Reaction™ is also successful in eliminating stretch marks.  It treats stretch marks best on the underarms, calves, and hips.

Signs of aging begin to appear on the face through uneven texture, wrinkles, and uneven complexion. Reaction™’s unique RF modes improve the skin’s elasticity by stimulating collagen and elastin fiber production. Cellulite can show up almost anywhere on the body and is caused by shallow fat deposits beneath the skin’s surface. Reaction™ works to not only reduce cellulite, but also to reduce the size of the circumference in the treatment area by destroying targeted fat cells.

Although you’ll notice a difference after one Reaction™ skin tightening or cellulite reducing treatment, most patients receive multiple treatments for optimal Reaction™ results. For skin tightening, optimal results are usually achieved after three to five treatments. Most cellulite reduction patients undergo six to eight treatments to achieve their desired results.

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