Laser Treatment Proves Successful for Rosacea and Spider Vein Patients

Rosacea and spider veins are two of the most commonly exhibited dermatological conditions.  Because the symptoms of these conditions are often very visible (usually appearing on the face or legs), many patients wrongfully believe that they are too difficult to treat.  In fact, laser treatment for rosacea and spider veins consistently show some of the most dramatic, positive results of laser procedures.

Rosacea is a dermatological condition characterized by chronic facial redness and discoloration. Usually developed later in life around one’s 30s or 40s, inflammation and pimples are also sometimes observed. Unless affecting the eyes, rosacea is generally far less medically harmful than social. Laser treatment for rosacea is facilitated by three or four of Laser Light’s 15 different lasers depending on the patient’s individual case. Most patients require one to three treatments to achieve the results they’re after.

Treatment of spider veins is similar to that of rosacea:  with little to no down time.  Spider veins are most commonly observed as tree-branch or spider-web shaped blue veins directly beneath the surface of the skin. Laser treatment for spider veins uses a unique wavelength of light that actually passes through the skin and is absorbed by the veins. This allows the patients’ skin to remain completely intact while the spider veins beneath are eliminated.

Compared to earlier, more invasive dermatological treatments, laser treatment for spider veins and rosacea is easy and quick, and relatively painless. Though everyone’s case is indeed different, the experienced Laser Lights’ cosmetic laser technicians want to make patients aware that just because a condition seems tough to treat doesn’t mean they should rule out laser treatment.  Laser technology has advanced so quickly in the last couple of years that there is now a laser technology that can effectively treat most cosmetic skin conditions.

If you have any questions concerning laser treatment for spider veins or laser treatment of rosacea, please contact our office or visit our website.