Connecting the Dots: Laser Freckle Removal

Freckles can be a harmless, yet annoying, result of time spent in the summer sun.  Freckles form when the skin is exposed to ultra violet radiation (usually from the sun); causing the body to increase melanin production which makes the skin darker to protect itself from the sun’s rays.  Even though freckles are a natural precautionary response your body takes to defend your skin, many deem freckles an unsightly blemish.

At Laser Lights Cosmetic Laser Center, we have specialized lasers effective in removing unwanted freckles.  The specific laser used for freckle removal is determined by patient’s specific skin type, freckle coloring, and freckle distribution during a consultation.  Laser freckle removal works be subtracting the melanin from the treatment areas freckled portions, therefore returning the color of the area back to its normal appearance.

Individuals weary of possible pain associated with laser freckle removal may opt for topical lightening agents instead.  However, patients should know that laser treatments, done by a fully qualified laser technician, are of minimal discomfort. Often, freckle removal patients will refer to the feeling of the laser as a “pinch” like that of a rubber band.

While laser treatment such as laser freckle removal are quickly growing in popularity because of their effectiveness and convenience, it’s important to ensure that proper cancer screenings are completed before any spot removal laser treatments are performed to ensure that none of the areas are cancerous. In addition to freckle formation, high exposure to UV rays can cause cancerous spots to form. Therefore, be sure to wear (and reapply) sunscreen to minimize additional freckles and harmful effects from the sun while outside this summer.

If you’re interested in reading more about cosmetic laser treatments or scheduling a consultation for laser freckle removal contact our office or visit our website today.