Defending Against Acne with Laser Lights Cosmetic Laser Center

Despite the commonly held sentiment, acne is not a problem that only plagues teenagers with changing hormones. It’s a cosmetic concern that can affect people of any age, due to a variety of reasons. Laser Lights Cosmetic Laser Center wants to help patients make acne blemishes a thing of their past. Our goal is to make people aware that there are defensive actions that they can take to help achieve their desired appearance.

Introducing Acne Treatment Packages in Duluth GAA Combination of Cosmetic Procedures

Sometimes combining procedures can bring out the best qualities of each individual component. This is the philosophy behind the Silk® Microdermabrasion Procedure. It combines both a SilkPeel® and Microdermabrasion treatment to deeply clean and restore skin that has been damaged by acne. The first step in the process is a gentle exfoliation and suction that clears skin of dead and damaged skin material. This is then combined with specific topical medication that reaches deep layers of skin tissue to remove acne.

Cosmetic Chemical Peels

Perhaps the strongest trait of the cosmetic chemical peel is its versatility. Laser Lights performs several different types, so we can cater to many cosmetic needs. Our experienced estheticians use TCA peels, Skin Medica® peels, and the Vi Peel® to improve skin health in patients of all ages and skin types.

Additional Skincare Products at Laser Lights

As many people know, acne can be a stubborn skin condition. Just because the visible symptoms have subsided, it doesn’t mean that you should stop administering skincare treatments. The licensed medical aestheticians at Laser Lights can expertly select skincare products to design an at-home cosmetic routine that can reduce the signs of acne as well as the chances of future flare-ups.

Restorative Acne Scar Treatment

At Laser Lights, we realize that acne can still affect a person’s aesthetic long after flare-ups. Noticeable scarring, dark spots, indents and raised bumps are all very common issue in individuals who have had acne in the past. These conditions can affect a person’s self-confidence, regardless of age. Each patient’s skin has a unique set of needs to be met and we offer a variety of treatments to accommodate them. From Réjuvapen® Microneedling to specialized fractionated CO2 laser treatments, we can help to improve the look of acne scarring, so you can feel more confident in your own skin.

Acne is one of the most common skin conditions in the United States. Depending on your specific condition, we can pair you with a cosmetic chemical peel, microneedling with natural growth factors or microdermabrasion to reduce unwanted symptoms of acne.  Although it’s often an unpreventable issue, there are many options for reducing symptoms and improving skin health. For more information about our acne treatments, contact our office by calling (770) 495-9322. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to learn more about our special offers and cosmetic laser updates.