Are You Accidentally Making Your Acne Scars Worse?

Clear skin is a goal that most people are trying to achieve, but for acne sufferers there are more obstacles in the way. Our licensed and experienced estheticians at Laser Lights Cosmetic Laser Center treat many patients who have struggled with acne, but there might be things that you’re unintentionally doing that are making your scarring worse. We want to ensure that your skin is as healthy and beautiful as possible, so we’ve created a short list of what to avoid.

acne-scarring-removal-large-poresSun Exposure: Even though it gives everyone life, the sun doesn’t extend the same courtesy to skin health and beauty. Prolonged sun-exposure leaves people vulnerable to UV rays, which can cause inflammation, redness and even discoloration on areas of acne or scarring. Too much sun exposure makes acne scars more noticeable and less likely to fade over time. We recommend that you wear sun-protective clothing and a wide brimmed hat, avoid long durations in direct sunlight, and use SPF 30 or higher on areas that are more sensitive to harm.

Picking acne: When a new pimple appears, it might be tempting to squeeze it and forcibly remove the blemish. However, this method creates or worsens scarring. Therefore, our estheticians at Laser Lights strongly urge you to not squeeze or pick your skin to get rid of acne. Pushing skin creases together to pop a pimple can move the contents inside the pimple deeper into the skin. If you do, you run the risk of developing permanent acne scarring, making it more noticeable or potentially causing an infection.

DIY skin clearing methods: Although we commend your initiative, using DIY (Do it yourself) methods to clear skin and fade scars is a risky endeavor. Licensed estheticians undergo rigorous training to understand the complex nature of the skin and develop the skillset to treat issues like acne scarring. The DIY options that you might find online or at the store are sometimes convenient, but not entirely reliable. It can be dangerous to trust internet publications that aren’t backed by a reputable organization.

If you’re interested in fading acne scarring, we offer advanced and customized cosmetic laser treatment at our facility. Our team is committed to bringing the best out of your skin whether it’s with treatments for active acne, pore extractions, or acne scar reduction. Patients who aren’t sure which type of treatment they need can visit our office for a complementary consultation to determine the best way that they can enhance their skin beauty and tone.

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