The Ins and Outs of Cellulite: Part 3

In our previous posts, Laser Lights discussed what cellulite is and the debated factors that might cause its appearance. This week we’ll talk about ways to prevent cellulite and, ultimately, methods of removal.

Preventing cellulite is an on-going process.  Eating right (foods low in fat, plenty of fruits and veggies and fiber), regular exercise and maintaining a healthy body weight, or stress reduction are common lifestyle recommendations for the prevention of cellulite.  Underwear without tight elastic bands (thongs, boyshorts, looser undergarments) may also help keep cellulite production at bay.

However, sometimes cellulite is inevitable and you need to find a means to remove it.  At Laser Lights Cosmetic Laser Center, we offer our Viora Reaction™ treatment to remove cellulite and bring back your skin’s elasticity.

Other options you could seek out include massages, heat therapy, compression garments, or drugs targeting fatty tissues, though none of these are clinically proven as effective options.

We hope these last few posts have been educational and beneficial for you!  Should you like to try Viora Reaction, call us today at 770-495-9322 to schedule an appointment.