Laser Lights Answers Some Frequently Asked Questions About Facial Laser Skin Treatments

Q:  Aren’t lasers too powerful to use in sensitive areas like the wrinkles around my eyes?
A: No, while lasers are extremely powerful, they’re also very specific.  Lasers like the fractionated CO2 laser can target individual areas to reduce wrinkling and uneven surface texture without damaging surrounding skin.

Q:  Can lasers be used to treat my ugly leg and face veins?
A: Absolutely!  Lasers are attracted to pigment, so just like the pigment in hair attracts the light for laser hair removal, the pigment in veins absorbs the laser light to slowly decrease in diameter: removing  spider veins and varicose veins on the face and legs.

Q:  Does laser brown spot and freckle removal hurt?
A: Most patients find brown spot removal, freckle removal, and laser melasma treatment very manageable.  Patients usually report the short, regular bursts of light feeling like snaps from a rubber band.

Q:  Can I get laser tattoo removal on my face if my skin is darker?
A: Yes you can, but you should be careful to only entrust a qualified laser technician with the proper equipment to perform your laser tattoo removal.  If your skin has lots of melanin in it, you are at a greater risk of developing scars from a laser treatment.  Every laser emits a different strength of light, so you must find a well equipped laser center to accommodate your needs.

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