Laser Rosacea Treatment Information

Rosacea Laser TreatmentSummer rays can produce painful, red sunburn on exposed skin without sufficient SPF protection.   In addition to sunburn, sun exposure can also cause rosacea flair-ups.  While avoiding sunburn can be accomplished pretty easily by wearing protective, impenetrable clothing and regularly applying sunscreen, avoiding aggravating rosacea symptoms can be a bit more complicated.

Rosacea commonly appears as patches of red, inflamed skin that may or may not be a different texture than surrounding tissue.  A majority of rosacea patients are female and over the age of 30, but it is not limited to this group.  The causes of rosacea are difficult to determine, but many skin experts point to an interruption in the production process of connective tissue within the dermis (i.e. – collagen and elastin fibers).  Common triggers of rosacea may include: dramatic hormone fluctuation, exposure to certain foods or drinks, new skin care products, and even sun exposure.  More