How Laser Technology Can Get Rid of Your Age Spots

With age comes wisdom as well as unwanted spots on the skin. Unflattering patches of discoloration can add years to a person’s appearance. It’s one of the frustrating aspects of growing older. To keep patients looking and feeling younger, Laser Lights Cosmetic Laser Center uses laser technology to safely fade unwanted age spots.

How Laser Technology Can Get Rid of Your Age SpotsReasons why age spots develop on the skin

Even when people take the necessary precautions to minimize sun exposure by applying sunscreen and wearing protective clothing, age spots are very likely to eventually develop during the aging process. The most common sites that they appear on are around the face, hands, shoulders, arms and scalp. It’s no coincidence that these are all areas that are most vulnerable to sunrays. With decades of exposure, skin produces an abundance of melanin, which creates a discolored spot.

How can laser treatment help remove age spots?

There are several factors that could be the reason behind your age spots: sun exposure, melanin, or genetics. Our experienced staff can evaluate your skin to best determine which one of these possibilities could be the main contributor. Once this has been accurately identified, your laser treatment will begin.

Laser Lights Cosmetic Laser Center uses cutting-edge laser technology to target and effectively remove sites of aging on the skin. During a treatment session, concentrated energy is directed toward unwanted spots of pigment. The age spot is then broken down into smaller particles that the body can safely absorb and naturally eliminate.

The fading process usually requires several weeks or months. During this time, the prominence and visibility of the age spot will gradually deteriorate. Most patients only need one treatment session at our laser center, but in some cases, it may require a follow-up treatment to totally dissolve the rest of the remaining pigment.

Maintaining results after an age spot removal session

Because the skin can be sensitive to environmental conditions, there are recommended steps for maintaining positive results after a laser session. Patients should do whatever they can to protect their skin from direct sunlight—to the best of their ability. Wearing sunscreen, staying in shaded or indoor areas, and using protective clothing are all important factors to consider. Sunrays can derail the great results that you attain at Laser Lights Cosmetic Laser Center, so we strongly urge that you are strict about your exposure for the first few months.

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