Top Cosmetic Treatments for Men at Laser Lights

Top Cosmetic Treatments for Men at Laser LightsWith each passing year, the unfounded stigma placed on male cosmetic procedures gradually dissolves. Cosmetic care has traditionally been a female dominated area, but there’s no need to exclude a whole half of the population. Laser Lights Cosmetic Center is dedicated to providing premiere treatments for all people, so we’ve compiled a few of our top cosmetic options for men.

Laser Hair Removal

Women aren’t the only demographic that is interested in getting rid of unwanted body hair. Although it’s not as openly talked about, many men have the same tiresome burden of having to routinely shave their bodies. At Laser Lights, male patients who have excessive body hair can clean up their appearance with a series of laser hair removal treatments. Typically, the most popular areas on the body are the face & beard, ears, chest, back, abdomen, feet, and toes. Our licensed and experienced laser technicians work with each patient to move at a comfortable pace and ultimately produce incredible results.

Sculpsure® Non-Surgical Fat Reduction

Some stubborn areas of fat are seemingly resistant to diet and exercise. Excess pockets of fat can affect self confidence in individuals who have trouble naturally burning it off. Laser Lights uses the non-invasive fat reduction procedure with SculpSure® to precisely sculpt and enhance your body’s shape. The process begins with the controlled warming of a patient’s deep layers of fat that are located beneath the skin. As fat cells are targeted, the surface is cooled to reduce discomfort. Fat reduction results will then occur throughout the following weeks as the body naturally eliminates the fat sites.

Silk Dermalinfusion® Microdermabrasion

Typically, the face is the focal point of a person’s appearance. Because of the wide variety of possible cosmetic issues, it has been historically difficult to find a procedure that caters to a wide variety of concerns. This was the case until the creation of Silk Dermalinfusion® Microdermabrasion. Using this rejuvenation technology, men with facial acne, dullness, aging, dryness and hyperpigmentation can safely improve their look with no downtime. Silk Dermalinfusion® Microdermabrasion is a highly customizable procedure that is safe for all skin types.

Tattoo Removal

Although tattoos are permanent, the feelings about them can always change. Therefore, Laser Lights offers patients the freedom to undo their old ink. Our FDA approved tattoo removal technology is safe for all skin types and ink colors. The size, color and age of your tattoo are all factors in determining how many sessions you’ll need. So, it’s best to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced technicians to determine how long the removal process will take.

We believe that men are just as deserving of professional cosmetic treatment as women. To ask any questions about the details of our procedures, contact our office by calling (770) 495-9322. Laser Lights is on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to share updates about our exclusive specials and updates.