Anti-Aging Creams Clinically Proven to Actually Reduce Wrinkles

Think cosmetic skin care products won’t deliver the same results as coming in to see us?  There are actually two answers here: one is that they do, the other is that they don’t in the short term.  According to research performed by Dermatologists at the University of Manchester, after using a certain product advertised to reduce visible lines and wrinkles on the face for 12 months, patients really did have significantly fewer wrinkles.  The results are backed by scientific evidence pointing towards the products assisting in producing fibrillin-1, a protein promoting skin elasticity.

Anti-aging creams are particularly important after our laser procedures for skin tightening and wrinkle removal, like those done with our new Fractionated Co2 Laser.  After the facial rejuvenation procedures, your aging skin is gone and new skin is re-born and begins to re-build collagen.  Anti-aging creams along with sunscreen will assist in the production of the aforementioned fibrillin-1 as well as collagen.

In short, the longer you stick with over-the-counter cosmetic skin care products, the better results you will see.  At Laser Lights, we carry a full line of skin care products from both our own private label and a wonderful Nia24 selection – call us today at (770) 495-9322 for more information or check out our products on-line here.