Frequently Asked Questions about Latisse® Eyelash Enhancement

Sometimes loving your look and feeling confident is all about the little details. One small detail that can have a powerful impact on your appearance is your eyelashes. Long, voluminous lashes can truly make your eyes stand out, but false lashes, extensions, and gobs of mascara can be cumbersome and uncomfortable. That’s why so many people have turned to a more natural method: Latisse® eyelash enhancement. Our team of experienced medical professionals are often asked about this popular product, so we’re breaking down some of the most common questions to help you learn more.

eyelash tinting atlanta duluth gaHow does Latisse® eyelash enhancement work?

Latisse® is a typical liquid that you apply at home every evening. You’ll simply apply it to your upper lash line each night, and it extends your lash hairs’ growth phase. With consistent use over time, this causes your lashes to become darker, longer, and fuller.

How do I get Latisse® eyelash enhancement?

This is a prescription-only product, so you need to get it from select types of medical professionals. At Laser Lights, these prescriptions can be received from our medical director, double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. David Whiteman.

How long does it take to see results from Latisse® eyelash enhancement?

Getting the eyelash enhancement results you want is all about consistency. You’ll start to see results after four weeks of daily use, and your results will continue to improve until they reach their full strength at sixteen weeks. Keep in mind, however, that if you stop using Latisse®, your lashes will eventually return to the way they looked before you started using it. When you’ve reached sixteen weeks of use, come back in to discuss how to maintain your results.

Does Latisse® eyelash enhancement work for my lower lashes as well?

No. Latisse® is only designed to enhance your upper eyelashes. It’s also important to apply it sparingly, rather than applying too much and dabbing off the excess with a tissue.

I’m not very good at remembering to take medications. How can I remember to use my Latisse® every night?

Everyone has different strategies for remembering to use Latisse® every night, but here are a few tips:

  • Incorporate it into your nightly routine – after brushing your teeth and washing your face, for instance.
  • Keep your Latisse® somewhere you’ll see it. “Out of sight, out of mind” is true when it comes to medications.
  • Set an alarm on your phone to go off at a certain time each night.
  • Put a post-it note next to your bed that reminds you to use your Latisse®. It’s a good idea to move your reminder every few days or weeks so you don’t get used to it and ignore it.

Latisse® is an FDA-approved way to make your eyelashes longer, fuller, and darker without battling with false lashes and extensions on a regular basis. Now that you have all the details, all you need to do is schedule a consultation at Laser Lights Cosmetic Laser Center to find out if you can benefit from this innovative product. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ as well for upcoming sales, events, skincare tips, and more.