Understanding the Important Role of Your Licensed Medical Esthetician

There are numerous contributing factors to Laser Lights’ continued success with treating patients’ many cosmetic needs. It takes an entire team of committed professionals to make this possible. To give you a peek behind the curtain, we’re going to discuss the role and responsibility of a licensed medical esthetician.

Understanding the Important Role of Your Licensed Medical Esthetician

What does a licensed medical esthetician do?

You may hear the title “licensed medical esthetician” tossed around without fully understanding the vital role they have in helping patients maintain their best possible skin health and beauty. Our licensed medical estheticians at Laser Lights are experts at performing cosmetic skin treatments while tailoring them to the needs of each specific case. They’re a trustworthy authority on all skincare products and procedures that we offer at our practice. Skin is very complex and constantly changing, but our licensed medical estheticians can simplify your care by getting to the root of the problem and applying long-term solutions. They can expertly perform pore extractions, facials, chemical peels, exfoliation, among many other things.

The qualifications for a licensed medical esthetician

Mastering cosmetic skincare doesn’t happen overnight. The process is quite extensive and immersive before a person earns the title of a licensed medical esthetician. It requires hundreds of hours spent training at an accredited beauty school. Then they must pass rigorous testing before they’re officially licensed. However, this position requires a continuous effort to stay on top of the latest skin care trends and technology to provide the highest quality treatment.

How do licensed medical estheticians customize treatment?

Skincare will fluctuate for the same person at different stages of their life. This means that there’s even more variation between different patients. To identify the course of action, our licensed medical estheticians perform a detailed skin analysis. Patients can schedule one before they commit to a cosmetic procedure. During a skin analysis, we’ll carefully examine the existing conditions, oiliness, dryness, complexion and sensitivity of your skin. All of these details are necessary when deciding which treatment route to take. One of our licensed estheticians can identify the right type of treatment for your unique needs, so accuracy is fully taken into account.

To save time for our patients we can complete a complimentary skin analysis during the same appointment as a cosmetic procedure. This prevents people from needing to make two separate trips to Laser Lights. If you have any questions or you’d like to schedule an appointment, call our office at (770) 495-9322. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for all the latest cosmetic treatments news and updates on our limited-time specials.