Laser Treatment for Rosacea Management

Atlanta Rosacea TreatmentsRosacea can often be both embarrassing and uncomfortable because it can frequently appear on the face. As the winter months approach, rosacea flare-ups become more common.   The licensed providers of Laser Lights Cosmetic Laser Center want every patient to look and feel their best.  Through laser treatments, patients can find relief from this chronic skin condition.

Rosacea is a skin condition in which blood vessels located near the skin’s surface become dilated. Although rosacea is typically harmless, it does display noticeable symptoms including visible blood vessels similar to spider veins and acne-like breakouts. Other symptoms include persistent redness and flushing.

At Laser Lights, our experienced professionals precisely target enlarged capillaries under the skin with our pulsed dye laser. The body naturally absorbs and eliminates these damaged blood vessels eliminating the embarrassing symptoms of rosacea.  Most patients require one to three laser treatments to achieve optimal results.

Patients enjoy the benefits of this quick and relatively painless laser treatment for rosacea compared to more invasive treatments available. As with any skin condition, during a skin analysis consultation our cosmetic laser technicians will discuss with you how effective the treatment will be for your particular situation.

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