We Discuss Rise in Cosmetic Procedures as Economy Steadily Improves

With the housing market and other vital areas of the economy slowly healing after several years of recession, elective industries like plastic and cosmetic surgery are now also on the rise as economic stability slowly spreads across the country.  Studies reported by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons show that the number of cosmetic procedures has been increasing steadily throughout the last few years.  Though many patients elected to try non-surgical treatments during the past few lean years, the number of surgical procedures is also beginning to rebound in response to the improving economy.  Some surgeons have reported a 50-60% increase in number of (non-surgical and traditional surgical) procedures from last year at this time.

Still wary of using their wallets at full throttle, many have elected to undergo more affordable alternatives to surgery like laser hair removal, laser facial treatments, or Botox.  At Laser Lights, we are committed to providing premier services to treat any number of cosmetic issues regardless of the economic climate. Our certified laser professionals are equipped with the latest medial-grade lasers to perform everything from skin-resurfacing microdermabrasion to laser hair removal.  Additionally, Laser Light’s Co-Medical Director Dr. David Whiteman is a certified Plastic Surgeon practicing out of Southern Plastic Surgery.  If you’re interested in pursuing a laser cosmetic treatment, or a cosmetic surgery procedure, contact the Laser Lights office today.