Our Hottest Anti-Aging Removal Services: Cellulite, Spots, & Spider Veins

Our Hottest Anti-Aging Removal Services: Cellulite, Spots, & Spider VeinsMost of us will reach an age where all the common cosmetic side effects of aging start creeping up. You might see your skin rippling and dimpling in places you didn’t think possible. You may look down to find age spots speckled along your fingers, hands, and forearms. You may even notice veins on your legs becoming more visible, lessening your desire to show off your gams in the spring sun. At Laser Lights Cosmetic and Anti-Aging Center, we believe that confidence is a necessity at any age and we offer a variety of services to treat concerning skin imperfections.

With over 12 different lasers, we’re able to successfully remove age spots, freckles, birthmarks, and spider veins. Our licensed medical professionals treat various conditions using specialized FDA-approved medical grade lasers that target aging concerns. For spider vein removal, we target unwanted blood vessels with safe laser technology that addresses the face and legs for all skin types. For complete spider vein elimination patients typically require one to three treatments.

Age spots affect only the outermost layer of skin, making them fairly simple to treat with our advanced techniques. While age spots are not associates with any health threats, various reports suggest that they can be a roadblock to accurately identifying skin cancer. Outside of this, many people choose to eliminate them due to their status as a telltale sign of aging. While it may be difficult to sidestep age spots, there are several approaches you can take to remove them, including chemical peels and laser treatments with Alexandrite or Q-Switched YAG lasers.

When a lack of blood flow combines with the collagen breakdown associated with aging, cellulite appears as dimpled, shallow fat deposits just under the skin’s surface. As millions of people would agree, cellulite can be extremely difficult lessen the appearance of—until now. Viora Reaction™ can treat cellulite while tightening skin and contouring the body. The unique technology uses vacuum therapy that boosts circulation, reduces the size of fat cells, and stimulates lymphatic drainage to get the most out of the three radio-frequency modes it utilizes.

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