Do You Have Cellulite? Viora Reaction may be the solution!

Laser Lights Aestheticians Answer Common Questions About Cellulite Reduction with Viora Reaction™:

Q:  Can’t cellulite only be reduced by losing weight?
A: While the presence of cellulite is caused by heavy distributions of fat just underneath the skin that can’t be removed with Viora Reaction™, the treatments can noticeably reduce the appearance of the skin condition.

Q:  How does Reaction™ work?
A: Viora Reaction™ uses radiofrequency energy and vacuum-therapy suction to increase circulation to the cellulite afflicted area:  reducing the appearance of the dimpled fat associated with cellulite when treatments are performed regularly.

Q:  What areas can be treated with Viora Reaction™?
A: Because the system is topical, any skin area with enough fat can be treated.  The most common areas to receive Viora Reaction™ are the lower abdomen, thighs, and buttocks of men and women. In fact, Reaction™ can actually be used as an anti-aging treatment to tighten loose facial skin.

Q:  How many treatments are required for results?
A: Laser Lights Cosmetic Laser Center patients have reported noticeable results after only a few treatments; however, we usually recommend a six to eight treatments followed by less frequent follow-up treatments to optimize and maintain cellulite reduction results.