Candela VBeam Treat Post-Op Bruising? It Sure Can!

The Candela Corporation has released the results of two studies showing their impressive results on patients using the VBeam to treat bruising from other cosmetic procedures.  Essentially, the studies showed using the VBeam laser greatly improved the healing time and improved the outcomes of the healing process.  That is, it assisted in making sure patients got the best results possible.

After cosmetic surgery, bruising is one of the main factors causing people to stay indoors until they have healed completely.  This can last several weeks, but even after a single treatment with the VBeam later, the bruises are drastically reduced.  The two separate studies showed a 63% improvement on average for treated bruises and 13% for entirely untreated bruises.

Laser Lights is equipped with Candela’s VBeam laser and is very excited to hear this news. If you are experiencing bruising from another cosmetic procedure, surgical or not, or simply have bruises from bumping into a nightstand, come on in and we’ll be happy to help you heal faster.