Can I Have Laser Hair Removal Over An Area With A Tattoo?

Laser hair removal is a growing trend, but what happens when a laser touches a tattoo? Tattoos, like body hair, are also removed by lasers, so having laser hair removal over a tattoo naturally seems like a bad combination. It is important to note that these treatments utilize two different lasers. Laser hair removal actually requires a stronger laser than tattoo removal, so if the hair removal laser touches the tattoo, it may not only remove or disfigure the tattoo, but can also severely burn the skin.

Lasers are attracted to pigment; therefore, tattoo ink, which is darker than skin, will easily absorb the laser’s beams. Many laser centers will not allow hair removal within a certain distance of a tattoo to protect you and your tattoo. The internet is filled with horror stories of under-educated technicians who went over tattoos resulting in burning, fading, blackening, and distorted tattoos.

Hair removal patients should not be alarmed; laser hair removal is a safe, effective procedure when performed by a properly trained professional.  You should also remain honest with your doctor/ hair removal specialist and inform them of any existing tattoos ahead of time. Also, face the facts. If you have a large tattoo in an area where you want laser hair removal, you may not be a good candidate.  However, if you have a small tattoo on your ankle and want the hair removed on your leg, you should consider having the hair removed around it and shaving over the tattoo. Even if only performed in a specific region, laser hair removal will still cut down your shaving time.

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