Acne: Not Just a Problem for Your Face; How Acne Light Therapy Can Be the Solution for Your Body Acne

Every teenager has experienced the emergence of that one pesky pimple that seems to pop up in the middle of your face right before picture day or the school dance.  But sometimes, it is the acne that pops up on other parts of your body that can be the most embarrassing and troublesome.

While acne can emerge almost anywhere on your body, the most common areas for body acne are the chest and the back, also coined “Bacne” (pronounced Bāk-NEE). Body acne can cause embarrassment, can limit your clothing choices, and can be itchy, painful, and uncomfortable. Also, because these areas are typically covered up with clothing, any physical activity can cause sweat to trap and make the affected area even worse.

The problem with treating body acne is that the problem is spread over a larger area than just the face, making it more difficult (and expensive) to treat with topical ointments. While some soaps can be effective in the treatment of body acne, people suffering from this condition may see more significant results with acne light therapy treatments.

Acne light therapy, available at Laser Lights, utilizes Photo Dynamic Therapy (PDT) to emit a blue light that matches the wavelength of the acne causing bacteria in the skin – creating a toxicity that kills the bacteria and ultimately eliminates acne altogether.   A typical treatment lasts about 15 to 20 minutes and because the treatment is non-invasive, patients will feel no pain – only a slight warming sensation to the treated area. Most patients with moderate inflammatory acne can achieve clear skin in 8 to 10 treatments (2 times a week for 4 weeks).

The best part about acne light treatment is that it is safe and effective for use anywhere on the body! If you are suffering from body acne, acne light therapy may be the solution. Contact Laser Lights today to schedule a consultation and start your treatment plan.