Even Waxing Has Its Risks

We found an interesting story about two New Jersey women who went to get Brazilian bikini waxes and wound up with some serious infections.  The part of this story we should focus on is the idea of New Jersey possibly banning the practice of offering Brazilian-style bikini waxes.  This means regular bikini waxes would still be allowed, however.
Laser Lights won’t hide information from you.  Brazilian bikini waxes are a vague bit more risky compared to regular bikini waxes because the hot wax is closer to delicate, sensitive skin and there may be some irritation or, if you’re particularly careless, skin tears.  These can result in irritation, ingrown hairs, rashes, or like the two unfortunate women in the story, infection.  Despite these risks, we see people everyday come in to get ready for the upcoming warm weather months asking to get a smooth bikini line.  As of now, we are proud to report none of our patients have had any negative reactions to our bikini line treatments – Brazilian or otherwise!