Laser Hair Removal: Fact vs Fiction

Although Laser Hair Removal has been available for decades, there are still some common misconceptions about the process. Laser Lights Cosmetic Laser Center provides safe and effective solutions for unwanted hair and we want to shed light on some common myths.

get rid of brown spotsLaser Hair Removal Won’t Work on Patients with Darker Skin

This is a common and outdated myth about laser hair removal. It’s true that hair removal is easier on patients with fair skin and dark hair, but the expert providers at Laser Lights can successfully use lasers on all skin types. Our treatment facility is adaptable to accommodate patients with any hair type or skin pigment. We require an in-person consultation to determine the best fitting treatment strategy based on your skin tone and hair color.

The Laser Hair Removal Procedure has no Downtime

Believe it or not, this is true. The Laser Hair Removal Procedure is attractive to many people because there’s no recovery time necessary. It’s a rare procedure that allows patients to receive amazing cosmetic results without a time intensive process.

Laser Hair Removal is Dangerous

With our skilled laser technicians, this is a myth. All of our providers have undergone detailed training and use FDA approved cosmetic lasers. Our treatment environment is organized, individualized for each patient and we are a proud member of the ASLMS.

Unwanted Hair Can be Targeted Without Damaging Surrounding Skin

Luckily, this is a fact about laser hair removal. Laser Lights takes every measure to ensure that patients will be treated with great precautionary standards and most advanced safety techniques available.

Laser Hair Removal Can be Used on the Face

While underarm and bikini line procedures are very popular, hair can certainly be safely removed from the face. For long-term results, we typically recommend about 6 hair removal sessions.

Laser Hair Removal is More Suitable for Women

Many men have turned to laser hair removal in recent years and this stance has dramatically shifted. Whether it’s your back, neck, face or any other area, unwanted hair is not a problem that is exclusive to women. Our providers have treated many male patients who gain confidence after achieving their desired cosmetic look.

For a precise assessment of your cosmetic hair removal needs, we require an in-person consultation. During your consultation, please be transparent about any medical conditions and history to ensure the best possible results.  Our laser hair technicians will create a personalized plan to quickly rid you of your unwanted body hair. For more information and tips about cosmetic laser procedures, follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.