Keep the Fourth of July Celebration Going with Savings and Glowing Skin

July 4th is an opportunity for each of us to take time to be grateful for our founding fathers and for the many others who fought for our freedom, and it has a tendency to make us feel a stronger unity with our fellow Americans from coast-to-coast. At Laser Lights Cosmetic Laser Center, we think freedom deserves more than one day of celebration, so we’ve decided to keep the festivities going by giving a bit of a patriotic theme to this month’s special offers.

  • Laser Lights skin care specialsBreathe LIFE into your facial skin with rejuvenation injections.

When patients choose non-surgical facial rejuvenation, the reason is somewhere along the lines of, “I want to look younger, but I’m not ready for the recovery time that plastic surgery requires.” For patients with this thought process, cosmetic facial injectables typically hit the nail on the head. Whether the best remedy for your wrinkles is Botox® or a facial filler like Restylane® or Juvéderm®, treatments often take only 10-15 minutes and typically require no downtime, so most patients can jump right back into their daily activities after their procedure.

  • Enjoy LIBERTY from unwanted veins.

Spider veins develop in the legs for any number of reasons, from standing in one place for extended periods of time to simple genetics. Regardless of the reason, unwanted veins can cause anyone to be self-conscious about their appearance, and this can hold them back from fully enjoying experiences like days on the beach or a warm-weather hike in shorts. Laser spider vein removal treatments cause the treated veins to be naturally absorbed by the body, restoring a cleaner, younger-looking complexion with little to no interruption of your daily activity.


Okay, so the Constitution says “the pursuit of happiness,” but who wouldn’t be happy to have perpetually smooth skin without the need for shaving? Laser hair removal can be performed on nearly any area of the body, from the face and sideburns to the legs and even the feet and toes. This month, ladies can benefit from a free underarm package with the purchase of a bikini package, while men can receive a full package of five treatments for the front or back of the neck for the price of one treatment.

Regardless of how you chose to spend your Independence Day, our July specials are a great way to celebrate by saving money on the treatments that can help you feel more confident and carefree this summer. To learn more about these and the other cosmetic treatments we offer, explore our website, schedule a consultation, or join us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.