Savings are Back in Session with August Specials

The start of a new school year has its pros and cons for parents, students, and school staff alike (although that sudden surge in traffic is a con for everybody). Regardless of whether you’re a glass-half-full or a glass-half-empty type of person, we have an addition for your list of pros: a whole slew of great savings on cosmetic treatments at Laser Lights Cosmetic Laser Center. See them for yourself:

SculpSure Demo Day Aug 2017 WebSculpSure® Demo Day – August 24th, 2017 at 12pm & 6pm

If you’re curious about nonsurgical fat reduction, this is your opportunity to have all your questions answered and to save big! Join us for a live SculpSure® demonstration at 12pm or 6pm, while also enjoying the opportunity to meet treatment representatives and Laser Lights staff, ask any questions you might have, find out if SculpSure® can help with any “problem areas” you have, save on any SculpSure® treatments you purchase at the event, indulge in light refreshments, and maybe even win a free gift or treatment!

SilkPeel® Combos

SilkPeel®’s innovative twist on microdermabrasion has been giving our patients beautiful results for years, but did you know it actually works well alongside some other procedures, too? If you want next-level results, you can save this month by combining your SilkPeel® treatment with either a Sensi Peel® gentle chemical peel or a Fire and Ice Facial.

LL August 2017 Specials Flyer PRINT WebLaser Tattoo Removal

Like anything, tattoos can be exciting when you first get them, but sometimes they lose a bit of their luster over time. Whether you want a tattoo gone entirely or you just want to remove part of it so you can modify it into a new design, this August’s 20% discount makes it the perfect time for you to get the laser tattoo removal process started.

Laser Hair Removal

If there’s one time of the year when unwanted body or facial hair gets on your nerves, it’s the summer. Facial hair has a tendency to make hot days feel even hotter, and body hair is a pain to remove if you want to look your best in shorts, tank tops, and swimsuits. If you’re ready to make life a little easier, talk to us about long-lasting laser hair removal with our 20% August discount.

Skin Care Products

You can’t go to a personal trainer once a month and expect to be in great shape if you don’t work out on your own, and in the same way, you need a consistent at-home skin care regimen if you want to keep your skin looking flawless. This month, stock up with savings on three popular products.

Everyone has their own self-esteem hang-ups, whether it’s some unwanted fat, a few new wrinkles, or just a tattoo you’d rather cover up than show off. At Laser Lights, fixing those little hang-ups is our specialty, and with our August specials, you can do it all for less. To find out how we can address your specific concerns, schedule a free consultation at Laser Lights Cosmetic Center. Remember to follow both Laser Lights and Southern Plastic Surgery on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ to be the first to hear about our monthly specials, new treatments and products, upcoming events, and more.