The Beauty Questions You’ve Always Been Afraid to Ask

Have you ever been reading or hearing about a new kind of beauty treatment and gotten curious but weren’t sure how to ask the question? At Laser Lights Cosmetic Laser Center, we’re here to give it to you straight and get into the nitty gritty. When you’re considering any kind of medical procedure (even a cosmetic one), it’s common to want to know the details, so today, we’re tackling some of those beauty questions that you (and countless others) have been too nervous to ask.

The Beauty Questions You’ve Always Been Afraid to AskHow much do skin treatments hurt?

It would be great if all skin treatments were completely painless, but that’s not necessarily true. Some actually are pain-free and even relaxing, such as SilkPeel® microdermabrasion, but every patient experiences their treatments differently, so there’s no way to give a precise answer. Rest easy, though—we only offer treatments with a very manageable amount of discomfort, and to keep you as comfortable as possible, we can also administer topical numbing.

I want filler injections, but I can’t afford them. Are private silicone injections an option?

No! Unfortunately, we continuously see stories in the news about people who have received silicone injections in someone’s house or hotel room. While types of sterile, medical silicone are used in certain FDA-approved implants, silicone is not a healthy substance to inject, and it can have extremely serious consequences to your health. FDA-approved facial fillers that are administered by a trained and qualified medical professional, on the other hand, have very low risks and high success. It’s best to save up until you can afford to get the treatment safely.

Does non-surgical fat reduction actually work, or is it just water weight?

Ah, the beauty of modern medical technology! Yes, the FDA has approved multiple devices that safely, effectively, and non-surgically reduce excess fat. They each use different methods, but ultimately, they all reduce fat by using some type of energy that penetrates the skin and other tissue without harming it, and breaks down fat cells alone. But don’t trust that all methods work equally well. For instance, we offer a single fat reduction procedure that uses the latest and most advanced technology, called SculpSure®, because our medical professionals have reviewed the science and the results for themselves and can vouch for its effectiveness.

Is tattoo removal easier the sooner you start it?

Actually no, it’s the opposite. Over time, tattoos can fade, and the less ink remains, the fewer laser tattoo removal sessions will be required to remove it. But at Laser Lights, our laser specialists have the experience to work with nearly any patient, using the ideal techniques and devices to provide faster, safer laser tattoo removal results for tattoos of any age.

There are so many active voices in the aesthetics industry today, from qualified plastic surgeons to part-time beauty bloggers. Everyone has their own opinions, but when it comes to skin care treatments and other cosmetic procedures, these can have a very real impact on your health, so it’s important to be cautious and to only trust information from medically educated, experienced, and respected professionals. For answers to your other questions about our many cosmetic skin care treatments, give us a call to schedule a free consultation at Laser Lights. Or, for more cosmetic tips and even special offers, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.