Focusing on the Face

When you think about it, your face accounts for such a small percentage of your total body size. And yet, it’s one of the areas where we focus most when it comes to appearance, because it’s associated so strongly with our identity. After all, your face is the most truly unique part of your appearance. So it makes perfect sense that you’d want your face to look its best, and at Laser Lights Cosmetic Laser Center, we have the tools and expertise to make that happen. Check out the many procedures we use to enhance and highlight your natural facial beauty.

Focusing on the FaceAge spot, brown spot, freckle, and mole removal

Pigmented spots can be caused by genetics, sun damage, hormones, or a combination of factors, but regardless of their cause, if you don’t love the way they look, we can use lasers to target the unwanted pigment and restore a cleaner complexion.

Birth mark removal

Birthmarks are unique to each person, and while some patients see them as a welcome part of their identity, others see their birth marks as hindrances to their confidence. If you’re the latter, we have a variety of lasers to target your specific type of birthmark, including port wine stains.

Fractionated CO2 laser skin resurfacing

While some procedures we offer target very specific cosmetic concerns, fractional laser resurfacing is essentially an all-in-one treatment that improves the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, acne scars, and overall complexion or textural issues. While that “fractional” aspect already makes this procedure far less invasive than traditional laser skin resurfacing, we also offer an even lighter version called micro fractionated laser skin resurfacing.

Red spot removal

Have a few (or more) of those bright red dots on your skin that you want to get rid of? They’re generally harmless growths of blood vessels, but most of our patients aren’t fans of them, so our lasers can target the blood vessels and work with your natural healing process to remove them.

Laser hair removal

People tend to think of laser hair removal as a tool for the underarms, the legs, the back, the bikini area, and other parts of the body. But it can be just as effective for the face, so men can keep their beard in perfect shape and women can achieve a longer-lasting brow shape or get rid of unwanted hair on the upper lip.

Photo rejuvenation

Sun damage adds up little by little, and it can causes pigmentation problems and other cosmetic issues for your skin. But the good news is that photo rejuvenation can repair signs of sun damage with a gentle, non-ablative laser treatment.

Rosacea, spider vein, and facial redness treatments

Whether you’ve been diagnosed with rosacea (a condition which dilates the blood vessels in the face, causing excessive facial redness and sometimes facial spider veins) or you simply have more redness in your complexion than you would like to, we offer laser treatments that target these unwanted veins and provide long-lasting results.

Chemical peels

Chemical peels are among the oldest skin treatments in use, and they just keep getting better and better thanks to new medical research. By clearing away damaged skin, they can improve a variety of cosmetic concerns, from wrinkles to acne scars and much more.


The term “facial” can be used for anything from a true medical treatment to simply washing someone’s face and applying a cream or two. At Laser Lights, however, our licensed and experienced medical staff uses an advanced procedure called the Fire and Ice Facial by iS Clinical® to produce truly effective results.


Also known as paramedical scar camouflaging, micropigmentation uses a highly precise, tattoo-like process to restore natural-looking pigment to lightened scars and other areas of skin that have lost pigment. Our specially trained paramedical aesthetician also uses this process to restore areolas for women who have undergone a mastectomy and breast reconstruction due to breast cancer.

Réjuvapen® microneedling

Using tiny, ultrafine needles, the Réjuvapen® microneedling treatment stimulates your body’s own healing process, which produces collagen: a protein that makes your skin firmer and smoother, giving you fewer fine lines, wrinkles, and acne scars, with an all-around improved skin texture.

SilkPeel® microdermabrasion

As a surprising blend of gentleness and effectiveness, SilkPeel® combines traditional microdermabrasion with suction and with the application of customized topical medications. This allows the topical medication to penetrate deeper into the skin for more effective results, whether your goal is anti-aging, acne control, or another objective.

Viora Reaction™ skin tightening

For many of us, aging becomes most noticeable when the skin begins to thin and sag. While some of our other treatments do address skin firmness, Viora Reaction™ offers a more targeted skin tightening treatment that can be used nearly anywhere on the face and body, all with no downtime, no incisions, and no needles.

Your facial aesthetics are about as unique as your fingerprint—everyone has portions of their appearance that they love, and other portions that they don’t. That’s why, at Laser Lights, our first step with any patient is a free consultation, when you can meet with one of our licensed and experienced aestheticians, tell them your cosmetic concerns, and find out what we can do to help. To get started, schedule your consultation today. Or, for more skin care tips and special offers, follow Laser Lights on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.