Tattoo Removal: Taking “Forever” Off the Table

We all display our aesthetic tastes by customizing our appearance and our environment, from the clothes we wear to the way we decorate our homes. As a medical spa who focuses on cosmetic skin treatments, we at Laser Lights know that as well as anyone. But some of these choices for self-expression are more temporary than others—specifically, we’re talking about tattoos. When people get tattoos, they all know it’s intended to last forever, but sometimes the true concept of “forever” doesn’t quite sink in. In other cases, your tastes and the way you want to look simply change over the years. But regardless of the reason, many people find themselves wishing their tattoo was a bit more temporary. So here’s the good news: it actually can be because of laser tattoo removal.

Tattoo Removal Taking “Forever” Off the TableThe reason tattoos are so long-lasting is because the ink particles are deposited into the lower layers of skin. Normally, your body’s immune system would naturally get rid of the ink particles, but because this portion of the skin is so dense, the particles are too large for your body to eliminate. Laser tattoo removal, however, addresses this issue directly. The lasers are attracted to the color in the ink, and when the ink absorbs the laser’s energy, it causes the ink particles to break apart into much smaller particles. Now that the ink particles are small enough, your body’s immune system can remove them safely and naturally. Only a limited amount of ink can be targeted at each appointment, so comprehensive removal requires several sessions, each one making the tattoo lighter and lighter.

While the process for laser tattoo removal sounds simple, it actually requires more precision than many patients expect. Every color of ink attracts a different type of laser light, so the laser must be advanced enough to be customized to your specific tattoo. Meanwhile, the laser specialists administering the treatments must have the expertise to adjust the laser’s settings as needed and to provide a safe and effective result.

Lasers have truly opened up a door for people with tattoos, whether they want to remove a tattoo entirely or just remove part of it so you can transform it into a new work of art. We’re not saying tattooing is a decision that should be taken lightly, but the consequences of outgrowing a tattoo aren’t what they used to be. To discuss laser treatments for your tattoo, schedule a free consultation at Laser Lights Cosmetic Laser Center. Or, to learn more about all the laser and non-laser cosmetic procedures we provide, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.