Answering Your Questions about Microneedling

When a patient comes in to ask us how they can diminish scars or stretch marks, or how they can reduce their fine lines and wrinkles, microneedling is one of our most common recommendations. While the word “needle” makes many people’s skin crawl, this particular treatment is actually far less invasive than many patients realize. In fact, nothing is actually injected at all. But because it’s such a misunderstood procedure, our medical staff at Laser Lights Cosmetic Laser Center is taking some time to answer a few common questions and provide you with more insight into this highly successful treatment.

Answering Your Questions about MicroneedlingHow does microneedling actually work?

Microneedling is based on the knowledge that when your body is trying to heal a wound in the skin, it produces collagen: a particular protein that makes your skin firmer, smoother, and more youthful. Microneedling uses a grid of ultrafine needles to create controlled “micro injuries” to the skin. On top of stimulating fresh collagen production, the process also breaks down the uneven scar tissue that causes a scar or stretch mark to have a more prominent appearance, so that it can be replaced by this newer, collagen-rich tissue.

At Laser Lights, we perform microneedling with Réjuvapen®–a specialized device with a head of extremely thin, short needles. Depending on each patient’s specific needs, our licensed medical aestheticians will determine the ideal treatment depth, which will be programmed into the Réjuvapen®. The experienced and licensed aesthetician will then use the Réjuvapen® bit by bit throughout the treatment area, creating the necessary “micro injury” in a rather brief procedure.

Does microneedling hurt?

You can rest easy—microneedling involves little discomfort for the majority of people. Everyone experiences it differently, but compared to what most patients expect, the needles actually reach a very shallow depth and create only a subtle sensation. Depending on your personal preference, we can also provide you with topical numbing in order to keep you comfortable during your treatment.

What can I expect after my microneedling procedure? Will I need to take time off work?

Generally, no, you shouldn’t need to take any time off work. You can expect to have some redness at first, but that should fade within a few hours. You may have a few spots that are still healing for a few days, but these can typically be concealed with makeup.

Is microneedling the same thing as a dermal roller?

If you’re unfamiliar, a dermal roller essentially looks like a paint roller, but with tiny needles around the barrel rather than a spongy material. It’s a common tool patients use for at-home facial rejuvenation, and they roll it across their skin so the ultrafine needles create a grid pattern. While it’s the same general concept—creating micro-injury to enhance collagen production—modern microneedling is much more advanced than dermal rollers. First of all, Réjuvapen® uses the needles in a much more precise and minimally-invasive way because they go straight up and down, rather than pulling at an angle, which is what happens with dermal rollers. This also means that with numbing cream, microneedling can provide a dramatically more comprehensive result. Second, Réjuvapen® uses precise, mechanized motions for your safety and comfort, and it’s only used by a licensed medical professional who has been specifically trained in the procedure.

Whether you’re ready to finally free yourself from acne scars that have been plaguing you for years, you’re focused on being bikini-ready with fewer stretch marks, or you want to nip aging in the bud by taking care of fine lines and wrinkles, microneedling can be an exceptional choice. To find out whether Réjuvapen® is the right option for you, schedule a free consultation at Laser Lights Cosmetic Laser Center. Or, for more skin care tips as well as monthly special offers, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.