Skin Care Specials for All Ages

It seems like every skincare product or new beauty treatment we hear about is focused on wrinkle reduction. While that’s great news in a way because wrinkles do affect all of us eventually, we’ve found that it can also make our younger and not-so-age-focused friends worry that there aren’t many options to address their aesthetic concerns. At Laser Lights Cosmetic Laser Center, that’s far from the truth, and this month, we’re offering specials on treatments for patients in their teens, their later years, and everything in between.

Screen Shot 2016 10 07 at 3.09.26 PMHoliday Open House: November 3rd, 2016

This week, join us for our joint Holiday Open House with Southern Plastic Surgery! Enjoy one-day-only specials, an opportunity to meet our new management and staff, live treatment demonstrations, complimentary hors d’oeuvres, a chance to win free giveaways, and much more. RSVP today, or if you can’t make it to the open house, be sure to take advantage of our call-in sale earlier that day.

VI Peel®

Chemical peels have always been a patient favorite, because they’re suitable for all skin types and you can opt for a light peel for a simple brightening effect or a deeper peel to tackle more stubborn issues like acne scars, age spots, and wrinkles. While we offer a variety of peel options at Laser Lights, VI Peel® has always offered exceptional results.

laser lights november 2016 specialsRéjuvapen® Microneedling

You may have heard of dermal rollers, and Réjuvapen® is a more specialized and innovative version. Using ultrafine needles to stimulate the body’s healing process, microneedling can address scars (including acne scars), fine lines, wrinkles, stretch marks, and more.

Freckle/Brown Spot Removal

Some freckles we’re born with, and some we develop from sun exposure, but if you’re unhappy with your freckles, all that matters is how you get rid of them. Our laser treatment can target your freckles as well as other hyperpigmentation.

Spider Vein Removal and Rosacea Management

The bad news is that spider veins aren’t just your grandmother’s problem—they affect people of all ages, genders, and sizes. But the good news is that you’re not doomed to a lifetime of compression stockings. Our specialized laser can cause spider veins on both the face and the legs to fade away, in addition to reducing symptoms of rosacea, all with no needles and no downtime.

Fractionated CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing

Few skin rejuvenation procedures produce results that are as impressive as laser skin resurfacing, especially considering that the laser we use offers minimized recovery time and a natural-looking finish. As a comprehensive treatment, fractionated laser resurfacing can address wrinkles, sagging skin, age spots, acne scars, and much more all at once.

SilkPeel® Microdermabrasion

As a new twist on the long-time favorite of microdermabrasion, SilkPeel® feels surprisingly gentle as it exfoliates away the damaged surface skin. In the same process, specialized topical medication is applied, allowing it to reach deeper layers of the skin. Whether you want to control acne, minimize fine lines, or simply achieve a brighter and more uniform complexion, SilkPeel® can be customized to you.

Laser Hair Removal

We all have unwanted hair somewhere on our face or body, and who wouldn’t love to stop worrying about shaving or waxing? Laser hair removal can achieve long-term results after a series of four to six quick treatments, and it’s suitable for all skin types and nearly any area of the body. And why not get your hair removed at the facility who was recently voted Atlanta’s Best for Laser Hair Removal in Best Self’s annual contest?

Everyone wants to put their best foot forward when they reconnect with family and friends for the holidays, and now is the perfect time to start your cosmetic treatments in order to be ready for the coming months. To start discussing your aesthetic options, scheduled a complementary consultation today. Or, for more on our monthly specials and the dozens of cosmetic treatments we offer, follow Laser Lights on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.