Staff Product Picks of the Month: Shea Butter Body Lotion and Oxygen Cleanser

Every day at Laser Lights Cosmetic Laser Center, we strive to give each patient an experience which exceeds their expectations, and our providers are a crucial part of this. Each member of our medical staff is licensed in their area of expertise, which means they’re not just professionals in performing treatments but also in the skin care knowledge that goes along with it. While the skin care routine that’s ideal for you will depend on your unique skin type and any procedures you’re receiving, our staff is happy to share their most popular recommended products. Today, Body Contouring Specialist Oreta offers insight into two of her personal favorites: Shea Butter Body Lotion and Oxygen Cleanser.

shea-butter-body-lotionWhat are Shea Butter Body Lotion and Oxygen Cleanser?

Both from our private label formulated exclusively for Laser Lights, the Shea Butter Body Lotion and Oxygen Cleanser are two unique skin care products which can be a vital part of your daily routine. The Shea Butter Body Lotion is an excellent way to hydrate and protect your skin. Oreta explains, “It is my best friend that hydrates, treats, and heals my skin, especially as the weather is transitioning to fall!” While it’s designed for the body (especially in areas where you want to reduce stretch marks), it can do wonders for the face as well, which Oreta can personally attest to.

Our Oxygen Cleanser, on the other hand, takes on one of the most important duties in skin care: clearing away the oil, dirt, dead skin cells, and other debris that builds up on your skin throughout the day. As Oreta reports, “It’s gentle, yet it gives me a soft and healthy appearance.”

oxygen-revitalizing-cleanserHow do Shea Butter Body Lotion and Oxygen Cleanser work?

One of the unique features of these products is that they both use ingredients which many patients overlook as assets for their skin. The Shea Butter Body Lotion combines the power of shea butter, of course, with botanicals, Japanese green tea extract, vitamin E, and more to hydrate, repair sun damage, improve firmness, protect against free radicals, restore the thickness of younger skin, and even reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

The Oxygen Cleanser gets its name because it uses ingredients like ginseng, orchid, and glycoproteins to stimulate the skin and allow you to benefit from their restorative properties of enhanced oxygen flow. This offers a more refreshed and youthful appearance, but the effects are also amplified by the addition of Japanese green tea, which is a highly effective way to soothe your skin.

Who can use Shea Butter Body Lotion and Oxygen Cleanser?

Both of these products are safe and effective for patients of any skin type. Oreta recommends these products to nearly all of her patients, because they can be a fantastic way to complement and maintain the results of anything from skin tightening and cellulite reduction to facial rejuvenation.

Finding the right skin care routine to fit your needs can be overwhelming to say the least, with a near endless amount of options. That’s where our skin care experts at Laser Lights come in. Schedule a complimentary consultation today to discuss your options for reaching your aesthetic goals, as well as the ideal products for your individual skin type. Or, to learn more about the treatments and products we offer and to stay up-to-date on all our monthly specials and upcoming events like our upcoming Holiday Open House on November 3rd, follow Laser Lights on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.