Laser Lights Named Atlanta’s Best Laser Hair Removal

At our cosmetic laser center (as well as at our parent practice, Southern Plastic Surgery), we place a high priority on maintaining a positive, enjoyable, family-like atmosphere. While that is one of our goals as a staff, our patients have made it particularly easy to achieve by being a true pleasure to work with. And today, we want to send all of you an extra “thank you”…for voting us Atlanta’s Best Laser Hair Removal!

Laser Lights Named Atlanta’s Best Laser Hair RemovalBest Self magazine hosts their “Best of” contest every year for the Atlanta area, allowing the community to nominate businesses in over 120 different categories related to health and wellness before voting for their chosen winner in each category. That’s what makes this award particularly meaningful to us—that we were selected by you, our valued patients who have experienced our treatments and our service first-hand.

Laser hair removal is one of our most popular procedures at Laser Lights, and it can be performed for both men and women on nearly any area of the body, from the face to the underarms, bikini area, back, legs, arms, and even feet. The laser uses a precise light which is attracted to the pigment in your hair. As a result, the hair absorbs the light and allows it to travel down into the follicle. This damages the follicle and makes it more difficult for it to grow hair in the future. Ideally suited for patients with dark hair, this process is typically repeated over five to six treatments in order to provide comprehensive, long-lasting results. If you’ve been wanting to give laser hair removal a try (or if you’ve already seen what it can do and would like to enjoy its effects on another body area), now is the perfect time to get started! Not only is fall the perfect season to start laser treatments (because the risk of pigmentation changes is lowered with the reduced sun exposure), but throughout October 2016, you can save 20% off any laser hair removal package or treatment!

Patient care is of the utmost importance to us here at Laser Lights, from your first phone call to your treatment and follow-up, so we offer our sincerest “thank you” to everyone who voted for us in the Best Self Best of 2016 contest. If you’re ready to discuss whether you’re a candidate for laser hair removal (or any of our dozens of other cosmetic treatments), schedule a complimentary consultation. Or, even better, RSVP for our November 3rd Holiday Open House to learn all about our services and take advantage of free giveaways and one-day-only savings. For more of our latest news, special offers, upcoming events, and skin care tips, follow Laser Lights on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.