Staff Product Pick of the Month: Nectifirm® by Revision®

We all know that you can’t clean your house once and expect it to stay clean, or lose weight once and expect to stay at your goal weight without exercise. Both of these require ongoing maintenance, and the same goes for having healthier, younger-looking skin. While the many facial rejuvenation treatments we offer at Laser Lights Cosmetic Laser Center can go a long way toward repairing existing signs of aging, a customized daily skin care plan is crucial for maintaining your results for as long as possible. Each month, our experts at Laser Lights have been selecting one of their favorite products to highlight in our blog in order to give you a better understanding of the products that can help you meet this goal. This month, Laser Lights body care specialist Oreta is shining the spotlight on Nectifirm®.

Buy Nectifirm in Atlanta gaWhat is Nectifirm®?

As a best-seller by the highly regarded skincare line Revision®, Nectifirm® is a topical cream which focuses on firming and rejuvenating the neck. While most of our patients have a skin care routine for their faces (especially when they’re focused on combatting the aging process), few pay any attention to their neck despite the fact that this area can age very quickly, and those who do treat their neck often use the same products they use on their face. Nectifirm® is specially designed for the skin of the neck and focuses on firming and smoothing the skin for an overall more youthful look.

How does Nectifirm® work?

Nectifirm® is a unique blend of several active skin care ingredients, like plant extracts, peptides, and antioxidants, each offering a specific piece of the puzzle to rejuvenate the skin. For best results, Oreta advises her Laser Lights patients to apply Nectifirm® twice per day (morning and night) using upward strokes. However, be sure to schedule a skin care consultation at Laser Lights to discuss whether Nectifirm® is right for you and how to use it for your unique needs, because overuse can dry out your skin.

Who is a good candidate for Nectifirm®?

“Nectifirm® is a natural addition for many of our patients at Laser Lights who are already using age-defying products on their face,” Oreta says. “It’s also a great way to enhance and maintain the results of treatments like Viora® non-surgical skin firming, fractionated CO2 laser skin resurfacing, and other facial rejuvenation treatments.” Nectifirm® is safe for all skin types, and can be ideal for those who want to reduce wrinkles, sagging skin, or crepey skin throughout their neck.

Remember, while Nectifirm® can be a great help to patients who want a more youthful neck, everyone ages in their own unique way, so if you’re more concerned about aging throughout your face or body, we have you covered, too. Whether you want to look younger, treat acne, minimize scars, or reduce fat and cellulite, our experienced and licensed medical professionals can help you design a personalized care plan, from in-office treatments to at-home maintenance. To get started, schedule a consultation with us. Or, for the latest news, skin care tips, and special offers, follow Laser Lights on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.