How to Rock a Summer Bod

For many of us, “bittersweet” is the perfect word to describe the onset of summer. There’s so much to look forward to, from vacations to warm weather to events and parties, and yet, all this comes with the terrifying thought of putting on a bathing suit after six months of hiding under sweaters and jeans. But here’s the good news to make your summer a little sweeter: between Laser Lights Cosmetic Laser Center and our parent practice Southern Plastic Surgery, we have solutions for nearly anything that makes you feel self-conscious about your beach body.

How to Rock a Summer BodTo improve your figure:

We have a host of different ways you can whip your body into shape. If you’re looking for full-body weight loss and muscle tone, our NESTA certified weight management specialist Jackie Madison can design a plan around your needs and goals, coaching you along the way and providing customized nutritional and exercise plans. If the problem isn’t so much your overall weight but specific areas of stubborn fat, you could be an ideal candidate for either liposuction with double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. David Whiteman or for SculpSure™ non-surgical fat reduction, the most advanced non-invasive fat reduction treatment available today. Schedule a consultation at Laser Lights or Southern Plastic Surgery to discuss which option may be best for you.

To reduce cellulite or skin laxity:

If the problem isn’t necessarily excess fat but sagging skin or cellulite, you may be a good fit for Viora Reaction™ cellulite reduction and skin firming. This non-invasive procedure uses three modes of radio frequency (RF) energy, as well as a specialized suction process to improve blood flow, smooth cellulite, and tighten skin, even creating a reduction in size in the process. However, if you have a significant amount of excess skin (such as following dramatic weight loss or some pregnancies), you may be a better fit for plastic surgery with Dr. David Whiteman instead of cellulite reduction.

To enhance a pale skin tone:

We all know that sun exposure and tanning can damage both the health and the appearance of our skin, but there’s hope for the pale and unhappy. Our licensed and experienced aesthetician offers professional airbrush tanning using Eco Tan®, an entirely organic and natural sunless tanning spray. The best part? Eco Tan® can last for a week or longer, and it derives its color from natural cacao, rather than from orange-based dyes, so you don’t have to worry about looking like a pumpkin as much you would with a traditional, automated spray tan.

To reduce stretch marks or scars:

Whether they’re from surgery, pregnancy, C-section childbirth, or injuries, scars and stretch marks can be a burden during swimsuit season. Our Réjuvapen® micro needling treatments can be effective for reducing each of these concerns while also rejuvenating and smoothing the skin. This procedure uses ultrafine needles to stimulate your body’s natural healing process, which breaks down existing scar tissue and replaces it for a smoother, more discreet appearance. As an added bonus, the extra collagen your body produces will help the treated skin to be firming and more youthful, too.

To remove unwanted body hair:

It’s just a fact – nearly all of us have hair we’d rather be without. Sure, you can take care of it at home with shaving and waxing, but summer clothing leaves no room for stubble, and who has time for all that maintenance? We won’t even go into the pain waxing causes or the razor burn that comes from shaving. Laser hair removal, on the other hand, just requires a short series of treatments (we usually recommend six for the most thorough and long lasting results), and by damaging the individual follicles, it leaves you with smoother, hair-free skin for years to come.

To eliminate spider veins:

Spider veins are one of the sneaky cosmetic issues which seem to pop up out of nowhere, and because of their unfortunate stereotype, they can instantly make young legs look older. Our laser vein reduction treatments use a specific wavelength of light which targets and blocks off the precise veins, leaving the skin unharmed and allowing the body to naturally eliminate the treated vein. Most of our patients see complete results after just one to three sessions, so your spider veins could be gone before you know it.

It’s safe to say that nearly all of us have something we’re unhappy with about our appearance, and while we’re certainly proponents of learning to love your natural beauty, it doesn’t mean you need to accept something that makes you unhappy, so you can build up your confidence while also fine-tuning your look into one that makes you feel empowered. To get started on the road to a summer bod that makes you look forward to that bathing suit, schedule a complimentary consultation with us. Or, for more information about skincare and aesthetic treatments, follow Laser Lights Cosmetic Laser Center on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.