“What’s This on My Skin?”: Common Skin Spots and Conditions, and How to Remove Them

At Laser Lights Cosmetic Laser Center, we’re still amazed to think about just how unique everyone’s skin is. Even among people with very similar skin tones, we all have a variety of individual spots and marks which make our complexions truly individual. But as interesting of a concept as this is, these quirts of our skin can make us feel self-conscious, less attractive, or even concerned about our health in some cases. To help you have a better understanding of your own skin, and of the ways you may be able to change it, here’s a breakdown of some of the most common features you may see on your skin.

  • “What’s This on My Skin” Common Skin Spots and Conditions, and How to Remove ThemSmall depressions, raised areas, or discolored spots

Scars can have a variety of appearances, and they form because collagen (the protein your body uses to repair your skin after an injury or inflammation like acne) has a texture and appearance which is different than your natural skin. Your cosmetic treatment will depend on whether your scar is raised, depressed, or pigmented, but your options may include Réjuvapen® microneedling, chemical peels, fractionated laser skin resurfacing, and more, as well as makeup and special products which mask their appearance.

  • Red, blue, or purple tiny lines

If you see these tiny, branch-like lines, they’re probably spider veins. These are most common on the legs and the face, and they form when the one-way valves of your veins allow some blood to fall back down and pool in a particular area. Facial veins can sometimes be a symptom of rosacea, but regardless, our lasers can use a precise wavelength to help your body absorb and eliminated the unwanted vein.

  • Bumps which are the same color as your skin, but with a rough feel and, sometimes, tiny dark dots throughout

These are most likely warts, although they could be skin cancer or precancerous lesions. Warts are most commonly found on the hands or feet, while pre-cancers can appear anywhere on your body. Warts form when a strain of human papillomavirus (HPV) gets into the skin through a cut or wound. Our lasers can effectively remove most warts, but for genital warts or pre-cancerous lesions, you should visit a board-certified dermatologist instead.

  • Patches which are flat and slightly more brown than your skin

This may be referred to with a blanket term, “hyperpigmentation” (meaning your skin has more pigment in that area) but it’s most likely either an age spot, melasma, or a café-au-lait birthmark. The causes of birthmarks aren’t entirely clear, but age spots are caused by the sun damage you’ve accumulated over time, while melasma is caused by certain hormones, which is why it’s often found in pregnant women (“pregnancy mask”), women taking oral contraceptives, or women using hormone replacement therapy during menopause. Either way, you may be able to remedy these spots with laser treatments or, in some cases, chemical peels or microdermabrasion.

  • Tiny round brown spots or larger, raised brown spots

These marks are probably either freckles or moles. While moles are often long-lasting birthmarks, freckles may be genetic and/or may develop due to sun exposure. Laser mole removal and freckle removal are often successful after just one treatment, though some moles may need multiple sessions.

  • Pink-colored patches

When they don’t involve any discomfort like itching or pain and have existed as long as you can remember, pink spots are often a type of vascular birthmark called a salmon patch. While the reason is unclear, they appear when an abnormal cluster of blood vessels is visible from beneath the skin, and our precise lasers can target these blood vessels to remove them.

  • Bright red raised dots

They may look alarming because of their bright color, but like salmon patches, these blood vessel growths are typically harmless, and most can be removed with a single laser skin treatment. While some appear as birthmarks and fade by age 10, others can appear later in life and multiply.

At Laser Lights, we recognize the importance of feeling like your appearance empowers you, rather than holds you back with self-consciousness. Whether that means embracing your natural features and maintaining healthy skin, or clearing away something you dislike, schedule a consultation with us to discuss how we can help. Or, for more great skincare tips and special offers, follow Laser Lights Cosmetic Laser Center on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.