Get to Know Our Laser Lights Staff

At Laser Lights Cosmetic Laser Center, our highest priority is giving every patient the best quality of service and care. That’s a goal which depends upon our staff above all else, which is why we’re so proud of the top-notch team we have. Some are seasoned veterans who have been with us for years, while others are valuable new additions to our Laser Lights family, but they each bring qualities and skills which allow us to give each patient a positive experience, and we’re excited to help you get to know your skincare providers.

LL Front EntranceDr. David Whiteman

As Laser Lights’ owner and the double board-certified plastic surgeon behind Southern Plastic Surgery, Dr. Whiteman offers the highest level of aesthetic skill and experience. Originally from Canada, Dr. Whiteman has been serving the Atlanta area for over 20 years as a cosmetic surgeon, and his passion for helping others also extends to the charitable organizations he works with, including The Sport of Giving, The Breast Cancer Survivors’ Information Network, Surviving Beautifully, and the Doctors Who Care – Kids MD Internship Program.

Jackie Madison

Jackie has long been a part of Laser Lights. Beyond serving as the Laser Lights Practice Manager, Jackie has also been the Practice Manager at Southern Plastic Surgery for 16 years, so she’s no stranger to the world of aesthetics. For patients who also have goals for their health and waistline, Jackie is a certified weight management specialist offering customized nutrition and exercise plans and coaching.

Oreta Johnson-Wheeler

As our longest-standing employee with fifteen years of experience in the aesthetics industry, Oreta is our body care specialist, so she’s your go-to provider for cellulite reduction, skin firming treatments, and anything else that’s focused on giving you a better bod. Though she’s originally from New York, Oreta has made Atlanta her home throughout her professional career, and her passion is getting to know each patient so she can provide them with the best possible service.


At Laser Lights, we’re proud to be able to offer our patients exceptional service and a wide variety of treatment options to help them achieve the results they’re looking for, and that’s largely thanks to the top-notch staff we’ve assembled. Stop in and see us, or schedule a consultation to discuss how we can work toward your aesthetic goals. Or, for more great information about our staff, special offers, upcoming events, and more, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.