June Savings Make it Easy to Show Dad You Care

Father’s Day is an opportunity to thank one of the people we tend to take for granted most often. For many of us, it feels like a given—our dad is always there and he’s always in our corner. But when it’s time to thank and honor someone with a gift, sometimes those who mean the most to us are those we find it most difficult to shop for. After all, what gift could possibly thank someone for a lifetime of support and encouragement? So this year, instead of getting Dad an item, try giving him an experience, a day when he can take time out from taking care of everyone else and just enjoy his day. At Laser Lights Cosmetic Laser Center, we have a few services that can help you show your appreciation this Father’s Day.

  • Massage Therapy

In many families, Dad is the rock—he tries to support everyone else by putting on a cool and collected face during times of stress. Giving your father an appointment with our licensed and experienced massage therapist will show him that you realize how much stress he takes on, and that you want him to have the relaxation that he very much deserves. If your father does a lot of manual labor, his muscles will appreciate the massage even more.

  • Men’s Facial

Spa treatments are far from a “ladies only” activity. Our men’s facial is specially formulated for a man’s skin, cleansing away the pollution and skin-damaging particles he comes into contact with every day and massaging away the muscle tension that causes furrowed brows and other wrinkles.

  • Tattoo Removal

Laser tattoo removal has come a long way, and if Dad is always talking about how much he regrets getting a tattoo in his younger years, today’s technology can remove his tattoo in fewer sessions and give him back a complexion that he can be proud of.

  • Laser Lights Gift Certificate

If you’d rather let your father choose whether a facial, laser hair removal, or other treatment will best fit his needs, Laser Lights gift certificates are always available, and they make a great gift by saying, “I want you to feel relaxed and taken care of.”

At Laser Lights, we’re honored every day to be able to help hard-working dads feel more confident in their appearance. Regardless of how you spend June 21st, take some time to show your father how much you care. To learn more about the many services we offer, schedule an appointment with us or join us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.