Ask Laser Lights: What Cosmetic Treatments are Popular for Men?

Our society used to have the perception that women’s primary concern was their appearance, while men’s primary concern was their career. In the past few years, these perceptions have changed as we progressively recognize the complicated and three-dimensional nature of individuals’ personalities. One result of this more evolved thinking is that men are becoming more comfortable with putting effort into their appearance, and are recognizing that like women, they deserve to be confident in their own skin. Whether it’s for personal or professional reasons, cosmetic procedures for men are becoming increasingly frequent. At Laser Lights Cosmetic Laser Center, we’re often asked about the most common ways that men seek our cosmetic help, and below are a few of the most popular procedures for our male patients.Infographic Cosmetic Procedures in Men

Laser Hair Removal – Women aren’t the only ones who want to show off silky smooth skin without the hassle, time, and cost of daily shaving sessions. For many men, laser hair removal can end their need to choose between the obligation of daily shaving and the confident feel of a less-hairy physique. Each hair on our body has its own follicle from which it grows, and by sending light energy into the hair follicles, laser treatments can stop the follicles’ ability to grow hair. Most commonly, men request the procedure on the chest, abdomen, face, or back, and when they’ve completed the recommended number of treatments (as determined based on the skin type, hair tone, and other variables), they can enjoy long lasting results.

Tattoo Removal – There are any number of reasons for choosing to have a tattoo removed, whether a man has outgrown the tattoo’s design or message, or whether it’s holding back his career. Regardless of the reason, many of our male patients request laser tattoo removal. During this procedure, one of our medical-grade lasers sends energy into the skin to target the tattoo ink. This energy breaks up the ink into microscopic particles, which allows the body to naturally absorb and eliminate the ink. The number of treatments needed depends on the patient’s skin type, when/how the tattoo was applied, the color and type of the ink used, and other considerations, but completing all the recommended treatments has allowed our many male patients to achieve great results.

Facial Rejuvenation – The desire to look as young and refreshed as we feel is far from gender-specific, and for men, there is a wide variety of ways to achieve a younger, more masculine-looking face. Some men prefer cosmetic facial injections, like Botox® or dermal fillers, to smooth fine lines and wrinkles. However, many men have other signs of aging as well, such as brown age spots that result from years of sun exposure. For these men, treatments like SilkPeel® (the new wave of microdermabrasion) can treat a number of conditions at once by removing dead and damaged skin while applying a topical compound that meets their specific needs. Another option that addresses multiple signs of facial aging is fractionated laser skin resurfacing, which uses a laser to create tiny, precise perforations in the skin, causing the body to produce more collagen (the substance that gives skin youthfulness and elasticity).

Acne Scar Reduction – For many men, whether they’ve been acne-free for decades or are still combating breakouts, acne scars are just a more persistent version of the pimples themselves. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to address facial scarring, which generally occurs when the body produces too much or too little collagen while trying to heal the skin. Forms of dermabrasion can be effective in treating scars that are raised above the skin’s surface, and other rejuvenating treatments like laser skin resurfacing and chemical peels have proven effective in scar reduction as well.

For men who, like most of us, would feel more confident with a few tweaks to their physical appearance, there are now a number of cosmetic options. To meet with one of our experienced providers and develop a plan to address your aesthetic concerns, schedule a consultation online and, in the meantime, join us on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter for daily tips and information about our services.